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PAS Technology extends the spectrum

High-end products by PAS Technology for fire service, disaster control, forensic, environmental analysis, food manufacturers and other application domains.

We are committed to solid-phase microextraction and we want to fully exhaust the capabilities of this technique. This is why we collaborate with Otto Pawliszyn, the inventor of solid-phase microextraction. We are also in close contact with food chemists, experts from police and disaster control, clinical pathologists and environmental analysts. Talk to us and let us know what we can do for you.

SPME fibers and Needle Trap:
All freedoms for your analytics.

Water flow, ground sampling, headspace

SPME fibers and Needle Trap accumulate sample material from fluids, gas mixtures or the headspace of a sample in large scales. With Needle Trap you can also register sample material that is attached to a solid body such as a ground sample. Keep all opportunities open with the SPME fibers and Needle Trap by PAS Technology. Our products are also compatible with all common GC devices and samplers.

Reliability in analytics has multiple causes.

SPME and Needle Trap are two of them.

Only if the analytics process chain is reliable, so will be the conclusion. If blood samples are taken during traffic controls, urine samples taken in competitive sports, when groceries are tested, environmental pollutants are analyzed, dangers recognized at a fire scene, then there cannot be any compromises. With SPME fibers and Needle Trap systems by PAS technology you achieve high concentrations of sample material.

Even in analytics mistakes are made.
Usually while taking samples.

We have found ways to remove error sources.

Taking samples is the first step in the analytics process chain. Empirically, this is where the most mistakes are being made. With SPME and Needle Trap, PAS Technology offers two easy-to-use tools. Both reduce the opportunities for errors while taking samples. We do everything for a good start and for making sure that your analysis yields reliable results, because this is what matters.

You are looking for solutions.
Best without solvents.

Microextraction: clean work, clean results.

Efficiency means achieving more with less. This is why PAS Technology avoid using solvents. The SPME fibers and Needle Trap systems by PAS Technology reliably absorb sample material without the need for a solvent treatment. Whether you take samples in the field or in the lab, you will receive clean results. Efficiency for the environment and for you.